Recent D-5470 International Rotary projects:
Engine for Ambulance Boat, Mfangano Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya
Rotary Club of Glenwood Springs Sunset

Mfangano Island lies near the boundary waters of Kenya,Tanzania and Uganda,in the heart of Lake Victoria.Mfangano is home to approximately 26,000 people of
Suba and Luo descent. The small beach villages that line the shores are accessible from the mainland only by a 2-hour ride on wooden outboard ca.noes.Fishing and
subsistence farming are primary occupations forthe majority of residents.

The remote communities of Mfanganoface many serious challenges.With over 30% of the popu­ lation infected with HIV, Mfangano and the surrounding islands represent one of the
most HIV prevalent populations onthis planet. Poverty and disease has forced these vulnerable communi­ties to make dangerous changes to their local environment
in order squeeze out enough to sur­vive. Deforestation on the mountain and over-fishing in the lake has taken a huge toll,1hreaten­ing annual rainfall and draining the local economy.

A core of volunteer Community Health Workers link every household to remote clinics.Talented teachers, most of whom grew up here on Mfangano, return to educate
enthusiastic students in 19 Primary Schools and 8 Secondary Schools.The Glenwood Springs Sunset RC has supported various projects to improve the conditions on the
island, from helping to set up an HIV station to providing a motor for the ambulance boat.


If you would like to find out more about this project, feel free to contact Sandy Lowell of the Glenwood Springs Sunset Rotary Club