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The Sunrise Rotary Club of Glenwood Springs was chartered on June 30, 1995. It was sponsored by the Glenwood Springs Rotary Club (Friday noon club), through the leadership of Bob Bradshaw.  The founding president of the Sunrise Rotary Club of Glenwood Springs was Dr. Robert Murray, a dentist in Glenwood Springs.

Despite our short history, our club has had numerous fund rasing events which allowed us to actively participates in numerous international and community programs. International activities include Rotary Youth exchange, Group Study exchange, Friendship exchange, International Community improvement projects in Nicaragua, Ecuador, Mexico City, 3-H Project in India (Melghat), and significant support of various Colorado Rotoplast projects.

Community activities include sending high school students to RYLA, and awarding four $ 1000.00 College Scholarships for Glenwood High School graduates each year. Our club also serves as a 24 hour a day emergency blood courier for area hospitals. By carrying pagers, members are notified when blood needs to be transported from Valley View Hospital to other medical facilities ranging from Leadville, to Aspen, to Parachute.

One of our fund raisers (jointly with the Glenwood Springs noon club) is dedicated to raising money for local charitable organizations, such as: Advocate Safehouse Project, Assistencia para Latinos, Boy Scout Troop 225, Children's Mini College, Colorado Mountain College Senior Nutrition Program, Frontier Historical Society, Garfield Legal Services, Glenwood Springs Park and Rec Department, (to name just a few)

projects At the end of the 2011/12 Rotary year, the club voted to become an evening club and changed its name to the Sunset Rotary Club of Glenwood Springs.articipant in 3-H Grant 66620, Mexico City, Community Education Project  (2009-12)

  • Past Participant in Blood Courier Service
  • Ticket Taking at Glenwood High School Sporting Events
  • Identifying Glenwood Springs Historical Buildings and Affixing Plaques
  • Holiday Fundraising for the Salvation Army - Bell Ringing
  • Supporting Various Academic and Athletic High School Programs
  • Supporting Local Agencies through Safeway Discount Card Sales
  • Contributor to River Bridge Child Advocacy Center - Glenwood Springs

  • School Improvements, Manta, Ecuador
  • Building High School, Teotecacinte, Nicaragua
  • Building Water Supply, Teotecacinte, Nicaragua
  • Participant in 3-H Project, Melghat Tribal Area, Maharashtra State, India
  • Matching Grant Sponsor for "Ophthalmology" Project, Juarez, Mexico.
  • Elementary School Improvements, LaCeiba, Honduras
  • Matching Grant Sponsor for "Tu Puedes" Project, Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Participant in Wheelchair Project, iquitos, Peru
  • Matching Grant Sponsor for "Microcredit" Project with Friendship Bridge, Lake Atitlan area, Guatemala
  • Matching Grant Sponsor for Medical Supplies, Equipment & Services in D-4790 Argentina
  • Major Contributor to Colorado Rotoplast
  • Annual Host of RYE students
  • Participant in Annual GSE Hosting Program
  • Participant in Friendship Exchange Program
  • Participant in 3-H Grant 66620, Mexico City, Community Education Project  (2009-12)
  • Matching Grant Sponsor for "HIV/AIDS screening pilot program", Mfangano Island in Lake Victoria. Kenya
  • Engine for Ambulance Boat, Mfangano Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya.
  • Aasvoelness School Garden Project, Namibia


  • Career Shadow Day
  • Sponsoring RYLA Leadership Training
  • College Scholarships for Glenwood High School Graduates
  • Glenwood Springs High School "Student of the Month" Program
    1995-96  Robert Murray
    1996-97  Gregg Rippy
    1997-98  Ladjamaya  Green-Mahoney
    1998-99  Jim Mason
    '99-2000  Rob Iwamoto-Bernadette Julich
    2000-01  Greg Beightel
    2001-02  Bruce Baier
    2002-03  Peter Jeschofnig
    2003-04  Dave Armbruster
    2004-05  Carl Ciani
    2005-06  Sandy Lowell
    2006-07 Paul Nelson
    2007-08 Chuck Bawden
    2008-09 Dennis Bader
    2009-10 John Taufer
    2010-11 Gregg Rippy
    2011-12 Steve Paul
    2012-13 Sandy Lowell
    2013-14 Mark Gould Jr
    2014-15 Mark Gould Jr
    2015-16 Bob Murray
    2016-17 Houston Burk
    2017-18 James Nelson
    2018-19 Tom Kenning
    2019-20 Tim Kruse
    1920-21 James Fosnaught
    1921-22 Tom Kenning
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